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S. Ross Browne

Black American Artists' 
Alliance of Richmond

Below are detail views of the artist's work. Click on image to see the entire piece of artwork. Use the arrows to browse through the gallery of works.

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P. Muzi Branch

S. Ross Browne studied Communication Art and Design at Virginia Commonwealth University, in Richmond, VA. Browne is a professional studio artist with over 25 years experience. With an emphasis on painting, he has exhibited domestically and internationally in over 70 gallery and museum exhibitions and is in many private, public and institutional collections.

He has been featured in various media outlets including MSNBC’s The Griot, The Huffington Post, The Washingtonian, Ebony, Richmond Times Dispatch, Richmond Free Press, The Washington Post, The International Review of African American Art, Grid Magazine, WTVR/CBS, Harlem Interviews, Urban Views Magazine, the Tom Joyner Foundation, Virginia Currents of PBS, The Baltimore Sun, Okay, Baltimore Style and Style Weekly of Richmond.

As the former Art Specialist for the VCU Health System he practiced art therapy for and taught art to his various patients with an emphasis on pediatric hematology/oncology, infectious disease, brain injury and elder care and for various support groups including Living Well for pediatric cancer support and the Richmond Brain Tumor Support Group.

Browne was an instructor for the Resident Associate Program at the The Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC. and has taught art and design for at risk youth for the Fresh Air Fund, Weed and Seed, Project Ready and Art 180.

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