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R. Vashti Woods

Black American Artists' Alliance of Richmond

Below are detail views of the artist's work. Click on image to see the entire piece of artwork. Use the arrows to browse through the gallery of works.

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Vashti Woods.jpg

Virginia artist R. Vashti Woods is most known for her use of light and attention to detail in her work. This is seen in her delicately rendered drawings, detailed acrylic portraits and landscape paintings, and illustrations for business, inspirational, and children’s books. Her skillful use of the elements guides the imagination of the viewer into participation with the subject and provides a place to muse within the borders of each work. The inviting background encourages further exploration and discovery beyond depiction.

Prophetic and spontaneous painting, teaching (both individual and group, children and adults), and mural projects provide a platform of discovery within varied communities of culture and thought. While she was reared and educated in Virginia, Vashti got her start as a professional artist in Pennsylvania. She has work in collections across the USA and in Israel, England, South America, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, and Scotland. She resides with her husband, Raymond M. Woods Jr., in Chesterfield, Va.

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