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David Marion

Black American Artists' Alliance of Richmond

Below are detail views of the artist's work. Click on image to see the entire piece of artwork. Use the arrows to browse through the gallery of works.

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David Marion Green was born in South Carolina in 1982 and resides in Richmond, VA. At an early age he found his artistic gift and developed a passion for creating. As a graduate of Hampton University, with a Bachelors degree in Architecture, he always found time to continue following his passion and practicing his craft. Using oil as his medium of choice he has specialized in figurative art and portraiture for nearly a decade. He has exhibited in galleries and museums in New York, Chicago, South Carolina, and Virginia and is on his way to becoming a nationally recognized artist.

David Marion draws inspiration from his own life experiences and tries to make a statement with every piece that he creates. Art has become a platform to voice his views of the world and also tell his story. “Art is such a powerful tool of communication and my overall goal is to give my testimony through art; in hopes that it can further inspire someone else or help them to realize the true gifts that are within them”.

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